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Chief - Series 2
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Tim Pigott-Smith (The Vice) stars as Chief Constable John Stafford in this police procedural drama series with a difference. The Chief shows a police force undergoing a culture change, as the outspoken and deeply committed Stafford attempts to reform crime-prevention policies and challenge the frequently unacceptable behaviour of his front-line officers; there are always difficult decisions to be made, often at a professional and personal cost. The cast of this powerful drama series also includes Judy Loe (Casualty) as Stafford's doctor wife, Elizabeth, Eastenders star Tony Caunter, and Roger Lloyd Pack. John Stafford is back at work at East Anglia's Eastland station following his temporary suspension. While Stafford continues to challenge what he regards as outmoded practices and attitudes, he and his deputy, Anne Stewart, face more tense situations at the sharp end of policing; this second series, originally screened in 1991, sees them tackling animal rights activism and environmental protest, negotiating throughout a dramatic siege, and dealing with the aftermath of the tragic death of one of Eastland's officers.

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Mystical Realms , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 73min
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Zahra's life changes forever when a member of the Yaadennii Dynasty appears at her cottage door. Hidden by her father and unaware of their past, Zahra is swept away by the stranger's fantastic stories of The Thirteen Mystical Realms - stories of Magic and Sorcerers, Wizards and Sayers, Tellers, Seers, and Guides. But when Zahra's father tries to protest and conceal the truth, the shy young girl is all the more intrigued. Who is this stranger, and where is he really from? Will the mystery of her missing mother come to light? As the truth unfolds and the veil of her quiet life is torn away, Zahra is set on a path she never dreamed possible. The first installment in The Secret of The Mystical Realms series and a fantastic short story for fans of the fantasy genre! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Terry Lloyd-Roberts. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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